Friday, May 05, 2006

Cold War Project:Photo Gallery

This picture was taken on July 22, 1950 in North Korea. It’s a picture of a train being attacked by a carrier plane. This picture is one of the pictures from the Korean War during 1950-1953. I chose this picture because the Korean War was part of the Cold War and especially because of the attacking of the train by an aircraft; which shows that there was already development in weapons and the used of aircraft during the 50’s.

This photo was taken by a low-flying US Air Force Jet in North Korea. It’s believed to be an image of houses which held the UN’s enemy war prisoners. The houses seems to be in bad conditions, but was still used during the war. I chose this image because I found it interesting to know how the prisoners of the war stayed and how their lives were like.

This is an image of the Sputnik spacecraft. Sputnik spacecraft is an artificial satellite, which was successfully placed in orbit around the Earth in 1957. The Sputnik spacecraft was a major accomplishment for the Union Soviets, or Russia. I chose this image because it had a major impact on the Americans, since it was the first time in history that a satellite was sent into orbit.

This image represents the Protestants in the United States protesting against the Vietnam War. The US citizens didn't wanted war because they felt that the war was bad and un-winnable. I chose this image because it represents how the situation in America was and how the people felt about the war.

This image symbolizes the air force used in the Vietnam War. During the war, there were much more advanced air forces and weapons used, compared to World War 2. I chose this image because it characterized how much development the US had after World War 2.

This is a close up image of Cuba and the places where the missiles are located. In 1962, the United States blockade Cuba and demanded the withdrawals of the missiles. The Soviets agreed to the withdrawals of the missiles in exchange for lifting the blockade and removal of the missiles in Turkey. I chose this image because it was one of the most important events during the Cold War, as it was on the edge of causing World War 3.

The Berlin Wall became known as a symbol of the Cold War. For a long time, it had separated West Berlin from East Berlin. The wall was constructed in 1961 and was knocked down in November, 1989. I chose this image because the Berlin Wall was a representation of the Cold War, and the breaking down of the wall brought forth an end to the war.


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