Monday, May 08, 2006

Cold War Project: Political Cartoons

This image represents the USA’s president and the USSR’s leader. The two have their heads stuck together, and are both angered at each other. Each leader is standing on their own territory and has their weapons ready to fight at any occasion. This image symbolizes that the two nations can not get along together and are always armed with advanced weapons incase they are attacked. Both the leaders desire to be the only superpower. The cartoonist is trying to convey the message that war is not good and hatered between nations just causes the problem to become bigger.

This cartoon indicates two Santa Claus climbing a house with bags of goods and necessary things. One Santa is from USA and the other is from USSR. The two Santa Claus are competing to find alliances and gain support from nations. In the bags behind them are things such as steal, workers and dams. The two superpowers are finding support with exchange of goods to make the lives of the nation's citizens better. The cartoonist is trying is indicating how the Cold War was; and how the two super-powers gained support.

This image represents the Berlin blockade. People from the West were not allowed to enter the East; while people from the East were not allowed to enter the West. In this cartoon, there are the Soviet soldiers blocking the road to the West and trying the catch the plane crossing. The Berlin blockade had caused shortage of food and goods; therefore the West responded with the Berlin Airlift, or the operation to move goods and food by air.

This cartoon illustrates the spies spying each other. The left side is probably the US’s spies, while the right is probably the USSR’s spies. The US's spies acted like it came alone with no company, but in reality, it brought along with it a lot spies. During the Cold War, there was a lot of spying going on between the two superpowers. Each side wanted to know what the other side had done so they could come up with a new tactic to defeat the other side.


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