Friday, May 12, 2006

Cold War Project: Maps

This map shows the alliances of United States and Soviet Unions. Europe was split into two; the communist side and the non-communist side. West Germany was the non-communist side and the alliances of United States, while East Germany was the communist side and alliances of the Soviet. The countries in orange are other communist countries which later joined the Soviet Union in the Cold War. By studying this map, it helps me have a better view of how the world was like during the Cold War. The only continent/country that wasn’t part of the Cold War was Africa, while the nearly the rest of the world was involved in the war.

This map represents Germany and how it was divided among the countries that wanted to possess it. The countries that gained part of Germany include United States, Britain, Soviet Union, and France. This map also indicates the Berlin Airlift, or in other words the line that the West was allowed to use to transport goods to the East. If the airplanes flew out of the line, it would be shot down, so the pilots have to be really careful in flying the planes. From studying this map, it makes me have a better understanding of how Germany was divided amongst the four countries and where the Berlin Airlift line was.


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