Thursday, March 09, 2006

Respones on the flim 'Schindler List'

The film 'Schindler's List' is a great film to understand the lives of the Jews during World War 2 and Schindler's life. The Jews were treated extremely terrible and put to death in a horrifying way. Some were killed quickly by shot guns, while some suffered from working in the concentration camps (ghettos). This film makes me feel sorry for the Jews and hated the Nazi. The way the Nazi treated the Jews was horrible. Jews are also human like them, so why do they have to be so harsh and mean on them? How would they like it if they were being treated that way?
Amon Goeth was one of the characters who I really hated. Every morning he would shot people from his balcony as an entertaining activity. He made the Jews scared and hated him, including me. Doesn't he have any sympathy for those people? He is just like a robot with no feelings and heart. Later, after the conversation with Schindler, he started to be a bit nicer and gentle with the Jews, but still mistreated them.
Oskar Schindler was considered a hero to the Jews, because he was able to save some Jewish people. He treated them well and fed them with delicious food. Schindler was a good man in my perspective. He helped the Jews and took a good care of them. They were times when he mistreated them, but it was understandable. He offered bribes to the soldiers in order to get out some Jewish workers for his factory. He also bribed them to transport the Jews for him and to let them keep the secret about him taking out Jewish workers.
Overall, Schindler’s List was an excellent movie to understand the situation the Jews were in, and how they were tortured during World War 2. Seeing this movie, made me understand how horrible the lives of the Jews were and how the Nazi treated them. In conclusion, this movie made me feel sorry for the Jews and hated the Nazi.


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